07 February 2011

364 Albion Street, Brunswick West, VIC, Australia

Here is where the blog takes a bit of a bizarre turn. I am just as confused by this place today as I was the very first time I walked past it, and for very good reason. I mean, imagine it. You're just walking along an ordinary suburban street, with some lovely houses and few ramshackle ones, and all of a sudden you stumble across a localised forest. I reckon the owners could run a kind of safari on their roof - god knows what's living up there!

I have no idea how to explain this sudden influx of foliage. Underneath, you can see that it's a pretty bland place that would probably invoke a cry of "paint your house!" Still, it's not the worst house in the world. Are the owners really so embarrassed by it that they have to cover it in something resembling the Amazon rainforest? I know having a peeling weatherboard house is pretty humiliating, but even I wouldn't go this far. Or if I did, I'd at least get some nice flowers or something to cover it up. This just looks like something from The Day Of The Triffids. Clearly these people wanted gardens (yes, this enchanted woodland fantasy continues at the back of the house), and they weren't going to let the trifling fact that there aren't any gardens stop them. Or perhaps they're too stingy to get a nice hydroponic setup for their weed and are trying to get away with growing it on their roof. If this is so, they're succeeding so far! 

This is certainly one of the more inventive houses we've come across around here, but that still doesn't make it appealing. Please, keep your plants at ground level and just paint your goddamn house. It'll still be a an ugly house, but at least you won't get snakes dangling above your driveway anymore.

Mow your roof!

Rating: Unpleasant, in the most mysterious way possible.


  1. Whoever wrote this is cruel and I hope you weren't the person that complained to council forcing an aging and dying man to take down the only thing that makes him happy, which to you may look like a piece of shit, but to him was an oasis and an escape from the torture of second world war. It may look hideous but it never harmed or hindered anyone. Sorry your precious upmarket suburb has to tolerate this sort of sight. Arsehole.

  2. I agree that the author of this blog sounds like an absolute twit! Ugh, awful human.